Adventurers Wanted!

The Atlas City Adventurers Guild (ACAG) calls all of its high-ranked members to apply for a new job from the Queen herself.

ACAG has been selected to provide members of an escort group that will be protecting an important package as it’s taken across the island of Gurund.


You’ve been selected by ACAG to help the royal family deliver a package across Gurund to the town of Delve. As an added bonus, since you have proven yourself trustworthy to the guild, you may also escort the package across the Rustic Ocean and to the island of Coren.

Upon completion of your quest and return to the guild’s headquarters, you will be paid 4000 gold on behalf of the crown.

Please meet your fellow adventurers at the commonplace during the thirteenth moon of the realm at sunrise. You may drink if you wish, but – as usual – ACAG recommends against it.

Where We're Going, There Are No Rules!